Memories are made of this.

This photo was cropped to put here, and then later in the day I completely forgot, and couldn’t figure out what in the world it was doing there on my desktop beside the one fixed up to fit my facebook cover.

See how old I’m getting! Fifty-eight yesterday! Now I remember that I wanted to tell you about the Winter Party at my brother’s place, which was so. much. fun. The weather could not have been more perfect. Exhilarating!

So my brother & his fiance have this beautiful place in the woods, right next to a provincial park where you can go cross-country skiing. This is what we did first, some of us for only the first or second time. A couple of us stayed inside, “keeping the home fires burning”. The ski trail was perfect (hmmm… I’ll probably use that word a lot here!) The groomed trail was on a section of road that is closed to traffic in the winter, so it was nice and wide; the hills were so long and sloping that you didn’t notice how hard you were working going up, but able to get a good slide coming down.

For people like me, that “easy” trail was still quite a hard workout! I was very surprised that my muscles weren’t all sore the next day, which was probably because I did do stretches when I got back. And because I went in the hot tub.

ski birthday bonfire hot tubIt was such a great workout, that I was soooooo tired, I didn’t even feel hungry–however, I DID partake of a little of all the great food that everyone brought (lasagna, mac cass, salad, homemade rolls, etc.)

This brother is the one who is the athlete, and his fiance is too. They both were very patient with the rest of us! And the best way to make your company welcome, is to enjoy it, which was obvious with both of them.

Wow, my brother did so much for people, to make sure they enjoyed his party!

  • had a fire ready to light in the fireplace, for those staying behind;
  • helped us up when we fell (which more than one of us did, not being used to skis);
  • stayed back with slower ones, to keep them company;
  • helped the tired ones off with the skis at the end, even loading them up in the truck;
  • called ahead to have the hot chocolate warming up for when we got back;
  • was ready to go snow-shoeing around his place with some later arrivals;
  • his fiance skate-skiied back and forth to check on us, and also went snow-shoeing;
  • he went ahead with the snow shoes to make a path so that it was easier for the others;
  • had the bonfire outside ready to enjoy while a few of us were in the hot tub;
  • asked my cousin (who bravely tried skiing for the first time), to make one of her fabulous cakes for my birthday, since it was the next day!

I probably forgot something. All the while, both Randy & MJ were obviously, like I said, thoroughly enjoying it all!


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