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He wanted to.

Sometimes things can be touching for you, and you’re not even sure why. That was me yesterday, when the kids were doing the Palm Sunday parade. Maybe it was because we’d just been discussing whether or not our mega-church could … Continue reading

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Yes, it can.

To get caught up on my #40acts : I’m supposed to brag about someone. Hmmm… do I have to? Hahaha, yes I do have to, because I’m pretty good at “yelling” at this person quite often! And now you know … Continue reading

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Spring: Loading, Please wait.

Hahaha, remember that joke from a couple of years ago, where a program called “Spring” came up with a 404 Error, or something like that? Sam came across an error the other day that said “Impossible Error”. That’s what this … Continue reading

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Good reputations are not always good…

Up on your feet! Take a deep breath! Maybe there’s life in you yet. But I wouldn’t know it by looking at your busywork; nothing of God’s work has been completed. Your condition is desperate. Think of the gift you … Continue reading

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Spring V. 1.0

Yep, I’m convinced: I’ve said everything there is ever to say, in all my previous blog posts, so there’s nothing left! Maybe it’s time to start just sharing previous posts. For example, I’m enjoying my Lent theme from two years … Continue reading

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You have no idea what might suddenly change…

Boy oh boy, can’t believe how seldom I’m posting these days! When it’s time to read this season over day by day, I’ll have to resort to clicking on some tags or something. Being quiet most of the time means … Continue reading

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More nothings

We almost had a “routine” week around here, except for sitting down to do taxes, twice (because of the address-change thing)! And then we had to make a business trip yesterday. We’re in the process of buying some land in … Continue reading

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More Than I Need

Do you think I’ll EVER get over this moved-to-Ottawa thing? I’m just waiting for the full year to be up, and see what that does. There’s only one large box left, full of the paper that we used to wrap … Continue reading

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I’m still here!

No one seems to be missing me… including I, myself! Meaning, it sure doesn’t seem like a week since I’ve posted. Have I finally, at long last, run out of things to say? HA! This must be the first time … Continue reading

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Bring it!

Wow. That sermon on Sunday was so good, it made me feel like I want suffering–like he said at the end, “Bring it!” Of course, one knows that feeling will quickly disappear. However, the words I picked out were: “Make … Continue reading

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