I’m still here!

No one seems to be missing me… including I, myself! Meaning, it sure doesn’t seem like a week since I’ve posted. Have I finally, at long last, run out of things to say? HA!

This must be the first time in years that I haven’t had a running theme for Lent (but I forget what I did last year). The idea was to blog about this #40acts that I’m doing, but that seems a little too boastful. I’m not keen on saying how much I already do a lot of the things they suggest. Although, I have been finding a way to do something, for each of the days. It’s just that they so often get added to a list, to be completed as opportunity permits.

Meanwhile, my Winter bucket list is getting completed: I’ve been cross-country skiing several times, have taken both of my guys out a couple of times, and last night I had a fantastic night-ski! That may have been the last time for this year, considering the 7-day forecast. Possibly there will be another night to ski, but I’m hoping for a clear one this time. Last night started out clear, but the clouds had rolled in by the time the sun had fully set.

Of course, there are lots of Lenten-type things to do; like taxes (today or tomorrow), thorough cleaning of the wood floor, and maybe other spring-cleaning jobs. And finishing my puzzle of the Last Supper, and my new crocheted-purse.

AND, there are other signs of SPRING, besides the warming temperature trends! The sun, for example, is making its seasonal trek across the sky, and is now shining in all but ONE of our Family Room windows!! It just comes in the top corners of them, making small spots of sun in the kitchen–eventually the sun comes flooding in here, filling the whole area. Whereas in the winter, it fills the living room/other side of the house, where most people don’t want to go because there’s no fireplace, or rocking chairs. ;)

There, I’ve thought of lots of nothing to say, but at least you don’t have to miss me any more. :D

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