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We almost had a “routine” week around here, except for sitting down to do taxes, twice (because of the address-change thing)! And then we had to make a business trip yesterday. We’re in the process of buying some land in Quebec for the business, so schedules will be up in the air for awhile, until this gets settled. We never know when we’ll have to go and sign papers or something, and there’s a lot of in-between waiting. If it all works out though, it’ll be an exciting time of growth!

I do have a couple of days in each week set aside for things like that, but that doesn’t mean things will happen on those particular days of course.

Does anyone else have certain things written down on their regular schedule, that they never, ever do? You know, things like dusting, spring cleaning…. I’ve added to my job list a couple of things that are noticeably dusty (furnace grates, and the tops of the light shades over the kitchen sink), but who knows when those things will ever get done? In fact, I’m so used to seeing them there, that I usually look at a day with nothing but that task and think “Oh yay, there’s nothing to do today!” :\

Anyway NEXT week is shaping up to be a busy one–the Fun kind of Busy. Tomorrow we’re off to my aunt’s 80th birthday in Kingston, and then a long-awaited visit with Rej’s sister. When we return there’s a niece from up North who is going to hang around for a day’s visit (YAY, I get to show off my new Home again!) The day after that, we’re making plans to meet a bunch of Rej’s sisters who are in Town on a bus trip, so more lots-of-eating times!

Somewhere in all of that I’m hoping to go for a haircut; my bangs are so head-achy long that I’ll have to curl them up tomorrow.

“We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21) I think this must be my Life Verse–I keep going to change this one at the top of my Home page, but it still seems to fit so well!

May we include You in our brainstorming, since Your purpose is best for us, and will prevail in any case!

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