You have no idea what might suddenly change…

Boy oh boy, can’t believe how seldom I’m posting these days! When it’s time to read this season over day by day, I’ll have to resort to clicking on some tags or something.

Being quiet most of the time means that when I say something, people will sit up and listen, right? HA! :D

What’s on my mind today, has to do with some conversations/situations I’ve noticed, on facebook and elsewhere. Some career-aged “kids” are getting jobs, even finding their niche, while others are sorely tempted to be jealous of them–quite a few others. To them, it feels like that 40 years in the desert! But the fact is, waiting, and waiting, will eventually come to an end. Jesus didn’t start his life-work until he was 30. I wonder how he felt in all those waiting-years, once he became an adult?

My present journey through Genesis has brought me to Joseph. Remember how he was sold into slavery, and then after years of faithful service, thrown into jail for something he did not do. Even in jail, he remained faithful to God; but when it seemed his chance of a better situation may have come, the butler forgot to tell Pharoah about it, for another few years. When that amazing turnaround for his life came, which was something no one could have possibly imagined happening–Pharoah gave him such status that he was just below the king–Joseph was 30 years old (Genesis 41:46).

The other thing about Joseph: he was very upset about what had happened to him, and you can tell that even all those years after leaving his home country, he was still homesick for it. Because when he named his first two children, he talks about forgetting his hardship (finally), and “the land of my sorrow”. (Genesis 41:51-52)

What are you learning/being reminded of these days?

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