Spring V. 1.0

Yep, I’m convinced: I’ve said everything there is ever to say, in all my previous blog posts, so there’s nothing left! Maybe it’s time to start just sharing previous posts. For example, I’m enjoying my Lent theme from two years ago, which should have been shared awhile ago, since Lent is almost over. (No humility here! :P)

However, I do have at least one friend who might be interested in what goes on in this part of the world. I’m always interested to read just what’s happening in her life, so maybe I should return the favour, sometimes.

What does this picture make you think of? How about, “the Sap is running, and Spring is coming!!”

maple syrup season at ChristinesThis is my brother-in-law, taking time out from his very busy renovating business, tapping the maple trees on my sister’s property near Peterborough, Ontario. She says two pails like this got her 2 cups! She had to be very patient about boiling it down slowly, sitting outside with it for 2 days (and the weather got cooler again). The pails are now going back up for more dripping, although it’s been a slow drip, she says, not being quite the right weather. She loves it though! I wonder if it tastes even better than the real maple syrup that you buy? Once you taste real maple syrup at all, you’re spoiled for anything else!

Meanwhile, there has been some more snow today, so perhaps I’ll be able to get in a moonlight cross-country ski, yet! We’ll see what it’s like on Monday.

And yes, I know it is “Spring” already–I’ve been able to go for walks without my scarf, and the sun is slowly moving more and more into my kitchen/family room, when it shines. There are even some spots of brown grass showing in the fields. It still feels almost as cold on our way out to the hot tub though!


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