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Hahaha, remember that joke from a couple of years ago, where a program called “Spring” came up with a 404 Error, or something like that? Sam came across an error the other day that said “Impossible Error”. That’s what this is, because it’s just not possible that Spring will not come!

Once more I’m reminded of a Ziggy cartoon from about 50 years ago, where Ziggy talked about the birds cheering on Spring. Then he sees a snowflake fall, and begins to shout, “C’mon Spring! Go Spring!”

The snow that we had recently was a good thing though, as far as I’m concerned, since I wanted to go cross-country skiing one more time. Which I did, last night! The staff wasn’t even there to collect my $3, but the trails were still groomed! They were practically solid ice, but it still worked quite alright. My idea had been to ski on a clear night, but it didn’t actually get dark until I was all finished. That’s another good thing, since one had to watch carefully for the twiggy spots, plus a couple of small bare-ground spots. The length by the beach was almost perfect though, as usual! Of course, my brother would find that length pittance-poor short, lol.

So I was able to get up speed for a bit, anyway, and didn’t fall until right near the end. It was a Small Fall, which I had no trouble getting up from, without even taking off my skis. I insisted on doing that, even though there was such a short bit left to do–since this was likely the very last time to ski. I’m not putting away my ski clothing though, until the snow is almost all gone; because there’s still something I haven’t done: ski with a friend, or with my niece. Both of them mentioned another place nearby (Nepean Sportsplex) that has good ski trails.

Today though, is time to get all excited about my Wood Floor Job (remember, I’m crazycathie)! If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that this is something that really makes me feel like Spring (or Christmas, depending)! It’s even more exciting this year, being the very first time to do it in our new home. So while the guys are vacuuming the stairs, I’ll be sweeping the basement floor, and then it’ll be time for the hardest/longest part of the job: moving everything on the main floor and vacuuming all the corners. The actual mopping of the floor is the easy part.

First though, I’m going to go and find a way to tell Mooney’s Bay how much I’ve appreciated them running that cross-country skiing, so perfect for “beginners” like me! It’ll be a 40 acts thing. ;)

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