Yes, it can.

To get caught up on my #40acts : I’m supposed to brag about someone. Hmmm… do I have to? Hahaha, yes I do have to, because I’m pretty good at “yelling” at this person quite often! And now you know who I’m talking about: my husband.

But in fact, I have been thinking lately, again, of all the things I would never have done if it hadn’t been for him (remember my anniversary post quite awhile ago: I wouldn’t have pulled a trailer to go camping, wouldn’t have taken that college course, wouldn’t have stuck to various long & arduous jobs, etc.). We probably would never have been able to move to Ottawa, without his constant “we can do it” attitude. (On the other hand, I never would have moved AWAY if it hadn’t been for him, lol!)

It’s not only the “stick-to-it” thing (for some activities), but the fearless bravado at trying new things, that is worth bragging about. That is a huge part of the foundation for our company (which he and my son started in 2013). After all, that’s how new things get invented–by innovative thinkers who insistently fly in the face of all those who keep saying “it can’t be done”.

“In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name for ever.” Psalm 44:8

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