He wanted to.

Sometimes things can be touching for you, and you’re not even sure why. That was me yesterday, when the kids were doing the Palm Sunday parade.

Maybe it was because we’d just been discussing whether or not our mega-church could manage it, because of having to fit in two services, organizing such a crowd of kids, etc., and doubting they could. Maybe it was because I’m generally “worked up” a little more at this time of year, having been in preparation for 40 days. Or maybe it was just because I love kids. This is what the kids used to do in our previous church, and so it is one thing that has not changed, regardless of the huge change we’ve been through.

Did you do anything special to celebrate the beginning of Holy Week? I decorated for Easter–LOVE the way my decorations look in my new home. Even though they are spread out more, they look much more artful when not all “piled together”. And right on cue, my Easter Lily has opened its first bloom. It requires going right up to it to smell that heavenly fragrance–not like in Toronto, where it easily filled that smaller space. I suppose one could always buy more than one… not sure how many it would take though!

Sam read something yesterday, I think it was an article in India, where they were explaining to those who wondered what in the world Palm Sunday was: “the day that Christians celebrate their decision to crucify Jesus.” Insert rueful chuckle.

That does have some ironic truth to it. Because who knows which member of the crowd we would have been? The ones who hid in fear, the ones who zealously believed it was the right thing to do, maybe even the ones who yelled, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” The point is, Christians are the ones who realize they DID crucify Jesus, knowing that their sin, my sin, is the whole reason God allowed it all to happen–actually, planned it right from the beginning. It was His decision, but we did it.

“He got us out of the mess we’re in and restored us to where he always wanted us to be. And he did it by means of Jesus Christ.” (Romans 3:24)

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