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I can testify to that!

Have I ever said how amazed I am about how quickly the body can improve? :P Today my intervals were walk for 1 minute–jog for 3 minutes, 8 times. Several times when my alarm went off for the 3-minute mark, … Continue reading

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HOW many times??

You know the expression “blow away the chaff”, referring to being able to take something of value from what people say, and just “blow away” anything that isn’t (in a nice way, hopefully!) Well, I’ve had to do that with … Continue reading

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Right Now

Did you know that negative ions make you feel positive? And there are LOTS of negative ions outside on a Rainy Day, so stick your head out! It will feel much better than it looks! I’m going out, since my … Continue reading

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The answer is on the way.

My “bedtime” is usually pretty early, but my excuse is that I always read in bed, before falling asleep. Very often though, I only get to read a “page” before starting to drop off. I’m pretty good at catching myself … Continue reading

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no religious lace

Once again, I’m amazed at how quickly the body can improve. Even though I only “run” two seasons of the year: yesterday was my first time out for this season, and the interval running was SO easy! I’m glad that … Continue reading

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You don’t really have to sit down for this.

A few items of SHOCKING news this morning, totally unrelated to each other: I’m going to unpack my FINAL BOX today. Yes, I’m talking about all the boxes from our move last July. This one has plant hangers and such … Continue reading

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True life has the best stories

You’ll roll your eyes and think “not again”, but I’ve finally found what I want for morning devotions. For awhile now, I’ve just been reading the New Testament without any commentary, or any specific plan; because I like to go … Continue reading

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Don’t waste those rainy days!

We had a lesson going ’round awhile ago: “Don’t waste your pain.” The idea is that there is a reason for everything that happens to you, and if you don’t learn the lesson you’re supposed to learn, or use your … Continue reading

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A housewife I am

When I have just a few minutes between things, it’s fun just to browse something on the internet. Ravelry for example, has been a favourite, where you can find all kinds of free patterns. I’ve got enough projects planned for … Continue reading

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Get hunting.

Once again (at this time of year), I just have to say, to the several people who are struggling with believing in the Resurrection: What if it’s true? If it really might be true, shouldn’t you investigate, check it out? … Continue reading

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