Maundy, Maundy

Our present church doesn’t do a lot of liturgy, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they do talk about Holy Week. I know that services every day of this week are typically not well attended, still, I love to do something each day, to help me remember what Jesus went through, on purpose for me.

So on Monday there wasn’t much of anything, but on Tuesday we watched a movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street”; which was an excellent example of why Jesus had to die for people’s sins. :P Man, those guys are evil! We stopped watching it before very long. However, one must remember that WE need the Cross as much as “those guys”.

Yesterday I went to the special Women’s Evening at The Met, where they had some wonderful presentations, treats, worship music, testimonies, and then closed the evening with communion. That was the perfect day to do something with women, since Wednesday is the day that Mary poured the perfume on Jesus’ feet. I think she understood things a little better than the men did, even the disciples.

The highlight of last evening, for me, was the creative movement. A lady (they didn’t even say what her name was anywhere), stood on the stage and “acted out” a beautiful song that was playing, as the words scrolled by on the screen behind her. The song was about the cross, resurrection, etc. She moved in very expressive ways, including a lot of sign language (you know how beautiful that can be). The feelings really came through, like God’s power over death, etc. Then when the victory part of the song came and her face was filled with an immense joy–it was all I could do to stay in my seat, and not shout “YAY!!”

I made a point of going over to her afterwards, to tell her how beautiful it was.

Thursday is our usual Small Group night, and the leaders are planning something special for “Maundy Thursday”. “Maundy” is from the Latin, meaning “new commandent”, and it’s when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and gave them the New Commandment, “Love others as I have loved you”–new because no one had yet given their life for that love.

That just leaves the Good Friday service, Easter Sunday… and I’m not sure what to do for Saturday, if anything. So far, the only different thing that’s planned, is a Fitness Test. ;)

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