A housewife I am

When I have just a few minutes between things, it’s fun just to browse something on the internet. Ravelry for example, has been a favourite, where you can find all kinds of free patterns. I’ve got enough projects planned for awhile now.

Recently I signed up for Pinterest, just because when I clicked on some things, it would be hidden unless I signed up. I’ve been organizing websites for a few years now, with a different tool, “Clipix”, which is why I’ve resisted Pinterest. But now there’s Pinterest for “spare minute browsing”…. HA! Did I say a “few minutes”?

Last night I meant to put away my puzzle and start one more before sitting-outside time really gets into swing. But there was a notification telling me there were a bunch of Pins for me to check out. No problem, I was flipping through all those landscape photos and cute children pretty fast. What do you think finally distracted me for a few hours? Housecleaning tips!

So now I’ve got notes on magical simple-ingredient cleaners, for the kitchen, the floors, the bathroom. For example, did you know you should “fight oil with oil”? It reminds me of how amazed I was at the nice job Skin-So-Soft did of cleaning my furniture, last summer when I was working at removing duct-tape spots that were everywhere because of moving. Apparently it works on stoves as well–oil, that is. And vinegar and soap in the bathroom, and a peroxide mixture for stains on your clothes, and sprinkle baking soda on your mattress to clean it, and…

Maybe I’ll get my puzzle put away tonight.

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