True life has the best stories

You’ll roll your eyes and think “not again”, but I’ve finally found what I want for morning devotions.

For awhile now, I’ve just been reading the New Testament without any commentary, or any specific plan; because I like to go very slowly, chewing it up, and see what God says to me, not to someone else. The Old Testament, on the other hand, requires a commentary to keep me focused–besides, it’s interesting to learn all the nuances about the original language, with some ancient historical facts added in. (I use a commentary at

One does like a little extra devotional reading though, and I’ve been trying different ones from YouVersion, John Piper, Joyce Meyer, etc. Ohmygosh, there is SO much “fluff” shared on Facebook!!! Lots of good “fluff” mind you, but one’s brain tends to get tired of it. If it’s something you need at the moment, that’s fine, but… Maybe it’s similar to crying wolf? You get so used to it that you glaze over it.

Anyway, I’ve finally found what I want. Many years ago, my Mom gave me a subscription to Guideposts magazine, which was a little thing full of true life stories. I kept renewing it for a few years, but it then became a nuisance to find the American stamp for it–there was no Canadian edition. Of course, now I’ve found it (free) online! It was one of those many “fluff” shares on Facebook, lol!

I’m not one to sit down and read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, but these online stories (actually, I’ve signed up for email deliveries of them) are right up-to-date. Like the one I read this morning about Glen Campbell’s wife dealing with his Alzheimer’s–such a beautiful, touching story! Guideposts has a section for caregivers, a category of animal stories, a few different ones that are all about prayer, and more. I was leery about signing up for so many emails (I didn’t check them ALL), but there actually haven’t been that many. They don’t even come every day. However, when you read one, there are always links for more of the same! :)

So, a new “favourite link” about to be added to my sidebar!

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