You don’t really have to sit down for this.

A few items of SHOCKING news this morning, totally unrelated to each other:

  • I’m going to unpack my FINAL BOX today. Yes, I’m talking about all the boxes from our move last July. This one has plant hangers and such in it, and now that I’ve decided (for now) what I’m doing about plants, that stuff can be put away. Somewhere. See photo below of my favourite plant, winding up branches from my dogwood tree. (THANKS Mom!)
  • The SNOW IS GONE! The shocking part of this is that it was still there yesterday, during that beautiful almost-hot 20 C weather!
  • Another hint from the internet WORKED! At last, I’ve found a way to wash those dirty streaks that are between the windows on your oven door!! You must have them, doesn’t everyone? If you want to know how to get rid of them, let me know!

OK, enough shocking news for today.

plant on dogwood branchesBy the way, THIS idea was all my own! Aren’t I smart?

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