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My “bedtime” is usually pretty early, but my excuse is that I always read in bed, before falling asleep. Very often though, I only get to read a “page” before starting to drop off. I’m pretty good at catching myself and unplugging (audio book), before the story goes too far ahead without me. If the narrator is a good reader, you can get rudely awakened when there’s sudden action! Like the other night when someone “yelled” in the book, and then I yelled! :D

Last night, I kept thinking the book was coming to an end, so kept it going–and of course, the culminating plot kept me quite attentive. But it went on and on! Finally I gave up, at around 1 am. Probably tonight I’ll find that there was only 1 minute left. :S

All that is just to say something else besides the other couple of things I want to record.

  • Some great sermon words from last Sunday: “often we prune but don’t deal with the root” (we need to be serious about it);
  • LOVE what I read this morning from Guideposts, about when you’re praying and praying, and waiting… and nothing seems to be happening. The author described a tanker she watched go by, and how the water was all calm and it wasn’t making a noise. After it almost disappeared, she heard a loud noise and saw waves, etc. God IS answering your prayer, it just hasn’t reached you yet!
  • I’ve been hearing/talking a lot lately about my Word for this year (service)–but it’s opposite! Meaning, the lesson is that we can be ALL service, and forget about just spending time with the One we’re serving (“you have left your first love”). The fiction book I was reading last night (The Face of God, by Bill Myers–and read by him) was about that, with this amazing reminder of what Jesus said: “I no longer call you servants, but friends“!

Have a wonderful day!!

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