I can testify to that!

Have I ever said how amazed I am about how quickly the body can improve? :P

Today my intervals were walk for 1 minute–jog for 3 minutes, 8 times. Several times when my alarm went off for the 3-minute mark, I said Already? Even with taking the summers and winters off, I’m so much better than the very first time, when those 1-minute run intervals seemed sooooo long!

Regardless of it getting easier and easier, it still feels so good to sit and relax, after the cool-down stretches. And–what an excellent sleep I have on those nights! This pleasant feeling comes in rather handy on these cold, cloudy days that come after Spring has fooled us into thinking the warm weather is here for good.

The other thing I want to testify about, has to do with our new business. It takes a LOT of hydro power to run it, so we’re in the process of buying some land in Quebec, where they charge much less for their power, for businesses. We’d had in mind to be starting up in Quebec in April, but things just don’t work out that quickly. So it turns out that we’ll be shutting down for the month of May.

We decided that, and then heard the news that Ontario Hydro is hiking the power rates on May 1st! Plus, the value of the things we’re making (bitcoins) is in kind of a slump right now… they’ll perhaps go up by the time we’re “in business” again…

We can’t always see it that easily, but God’s timing is perfect: I can testify to that! :)


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