Oh my, May is paying Winter’s debts a hundredfold, I think! (See the poem in my header.)

You know how parents love to talk about their children? Well, I’m feeling like talking about some adopted “children”, or perhaps you could call them “rescue trees”, since they all need some much-neglected work. We did do some pruning last summer, but I was hesitant to do too much before going through a whole year with all of them, especially the flowering ones.

  • Dogwoods: the first thing you come to outside our back door. What I love about these is the red branches, that I’ve used inside to decorate a couple of different times already, including Christmas. They are supposed to have a blossom, but we’ll see how these ones will do when they haven’t been pruned much for awhile.
  • Serviceberry: a small tree beside the dogwoods, and now that it’s blossomed I’m quite sure that’s what it is. The best thing about this one is the lovely burnt orange colour of the fall leaves.
  • Smoke Tree: this gives lovely shade beside our hot tub. The leaves have a lovely colour in the summer, and of course, very interesting “smoke” flowers.
  • Oak tree: not far from the Smoke–I love saying “the Oak and the Smoke”. :P This oak tree doesn’t have the most colourful leaves in the fall (though they’re not too drab), but the tree is a lovely shape, and of course gives lots of shade. It grows tall even with a narrowish trunk, which surprises me. Also surprising (only because I didn’t know): it presently has a hanging catkin-like seed, along with the leaves beginning to grow. It provides lots of raking-exercise in the fall though!
  • Spruce trees: we have two of them at the back fence, and I think they’re different kinds… although it could be because one is dying (perhaps from emptying the hot tub, with its bromine water?) Squished beside these is a couple of globe pines that are not doing too well there. EDIT: The “dying” spruce had lovely “red berries” this year! (baby cones)–being May/2019.
  • Currant: this is supposed to be a bush, but it has stretched up a couple of branches as tall as the spruce! It is getting ready to blossom, and then I’ll cut it right down–there are some runners(?) coming up around the main trunk, so I’ll see how those do. Not sure about this one though, because it has huge thorns!
  • Purple Sandcherry: not a tree, but very pretty bush with its burgandy leaves and little pink flowers. Actually, it has grown quite tall in my Mom’s garden. Again, it’ll probably do much better with some pruning.
  • Nine bark: Another bush; we have one by the shed, and one at the side of the house. The leaves are coming out green now, but if I remember correctly, they have a nice dark colour in the summer. They seem to grow well with hardly any attention, but they DO need some pruning, I think!
  • Cedars: LOTS of cedars around the fences, and decorating the front of the house. These do NOT need pruning, nor any kind of attention, it seems! I love the smell of them on a rainy day, but best of all is how beautiful Christmas lights look on them.
  • And of course, the HUGE Maple tree out front! Not the flaming-fall-colour kind, but a nice fall colour none-the-less. I can see us having to have this removed someday, just because it’s so big. Maybe some stump can be left to let the Virginia Creeper crawl over it? (Which, by the way, DOES have a wonderful fall colour!)

I think that’s all of them! :)

EDIT: You forgot the Siberian Maple! Nine-barks are going down… (5/28/19), the one by the shed taken out quite awhile ago. Wish I could remember what that smelly neighbour’s tree is! (Behind us… Canadian Chockecherry)

EDIT 6.6.20: We chopped out the Ninebark at the side of the house last year, but it’s growing back all healthy! SUCH a hard time remembering the name of that thing… so changing the name of this post.

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