a bit depressed

  • It’s so cold outside, after all that gorgeous weather we just had (spoiled).
  • Speaking of spoiled… thought we were getting our hot tub back soon, but turns out we need a new motor. :(
  • It seems to be SO hard to break into a new church… Of course, we never noticed before, just how much it matters that 2/3 of us are handicapped (because we “grew into” our former church, with 33 years there)… meaning we have to wait til people get to know us better so that we feel comfortable asking for help. Also, I thought it would be much easier to “fit in”, with Christians, but–our small group is often talking about things/people that new people like us don’t recognize, AND, they sure seem reluctant to come to the group when it’s at our place
  • It’s SO hard to resist eating the things I love;
  • on diet days, one totally starves oneself, and then finds that one has actually GAINED weight!! It’s HOPELESS… or I should say *I’m* hopeless… (But I know God loves me. ;/)

There! Maybe that’ll help.

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