This is a repeating chorus with me, but I do hope you get some days this season to just walk around slowly–very sloooowly–and just notice little things. For me today, it was at 6:30 this morning, walking around my back yard. These are the kinds of little things I mean:

  • The rain must have pounded hard during the night, because my Oak tree “vomited” its hanging seed-thingies all over the ground.
  • There are strawberries growing among the river rocks, at the edge of the yard.
  • The currant blossoms are slowly beginning to open, and the Purple Sandcherry, though it WAS looking kind of sparse, is now getting more full/lush.
  • I finally noticed the difference between my two spruce trees, besides the fact that one is a little scraggly. They both seem to develop the same way, but one has rounded ends in the new growth, and the other has pointed ends!
  • The globe pine has lots of new growth as well. Maybe I’ll leave it there after all; it may be squished up against the spruce, but it’s not hurting anything, and it does look interesting.
  • Even the Siberian Maple has little blossoms!
  • There are at least two birds’ nests in our cedars, one robin and one pigeon/mourning dove (are they the same? I always thought they were.)
  • Lots of airplanes take off this early in the morning (we live near the airport).
  • The various birds all chirp away, in spite of that noise.
  • The back yard neighbour’s dog trots around very silently, and is hard to see through the wooden fence. But I’ve finally figured out that it’s a big poodle-type. At first I just had a sense that something was peering at me through the cracks! :)

Just to switch subjects, last night’s run was pretty hard, even though it was only 30 minutes, compared to the 40 I completed last week! It was clouding over and threatening rain storm, so with the gusty breeze I thought it would be cool enough. It was very humid! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be much cooler, so we’ll see how much easier it is then.


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