more running notes (just close your ears :P)

When I think of how amazed I was at the fact that the first few weeks of this run-season seemed so easy, it’s funny that these last few runs have been so hard. The very first time I tried running, it was about learning to catch my breath; but now I find that’s no problem, it’s just that my legs get so sore. I’ll have to be sure to do leg-strengthening exercises over the summer.

But it’s time to change things up again. Yes, I like to push myself to “run” (very slowly) that 30 or 40 minutes without stopping. But I’ve done that now. The only thing left to do in this season’s program is the actual 5K (my own map, in the trails around my home). That was slated to be more of the same 30-40 minutes, that I’ve been doing for the pre-run training. Now I’ve decided to go back to the intervals for the 5K, just make them longer intervals. I’m figuring walk 2 minutes and run 8 minutes, until the end (at least I won’t have to count the intervals). So we’ll see how that goes!

The instructions seem to think that I could come close to finishing a 5K in 40 minutes, but it always takes me about an hour, and I end up walking for half of it. This way, maybe I can keep running all the way. As for the time: that’s not important to me. As the saying goes, it’s not about speed, but endurance.


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