Leggin’ it

This was Race Weekend in Ottawa. I guess there was a 10K on Saturday, then other marathons on Sunday–full marathon, half marathon, marathon-and-a-half… or something like that. All I know is, my brother ran 40K in under 4 hours! I also ran last night, my usual 5K-in-about-an-hour, go me!! :D

Because, you know, that’s what we DO in Ottawa, Be Super Fit Athletes! :P

And this is where I admit how hard I’ve been finding it to keep jogging for that whole, mere 5K. :S It did work better to do longer intervals though; I jogged 8 minutes/walked 2 minutes, and covered the whole trail-section of the 5K, plus the sidewalk back to Canyon Walk, in about 4 of those intervals. So the last 6 of my 50 minutes (yes, not quite an hour) was a cool down walk to my front door.

Actually I’m not feeling quite as sore today as I have been feeling after those runs, but it was definitely harder than last fall. As I said the other day, it’s my legs that need strengthening. So that’s what the summer fitness-schedule is going to be about!

I guess being “on my feet all day” doesn’t count for strengthening exercise.


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