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Boy, I sure don’t post much any more, do I? I’m moving into just reading over the past stuff, it seems. Not that I’m crazy about myself/my writing, but there are lots of quotes, poems, sermon notes, etc. to read again. One could have fun just clicking on various tags, too.

For example, I’ve just read over a post about running, which included a couple of excellent verses to go with it: “You were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” (1 Cor. 6:20); and, as a reminder that everything we do should be worship (John Piper): “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31). These verses could be theme ones for me, as I try to get in shape!

Speaking of which, we read an article the other day that says “the war on fat is over”! This is according to some new science, and was published in Times. Apparently, you can eat fat to get skinny!! The diet that was vindicated with this new discovery, is the ketogenic diet, or the Atkins diet. It has to do with your metabolism: eating fat makes you feel more full. But to lose the weight, you have to cut waaaay down on carbs, meaning sugar in ALL its forms. It sounds like the drastic diet Sam was on years ago–no grains or starches of any kind, etc. But, you also are not supposed to eat any fruit!! How can that possibly be healthy!! Oh well, at least maybe I don’t have to feel so bad that Sam & I just can’t seem to eat fruit every day. Or that we love to eat some sausage or bacon.

Sugar is a real addiction, that’s for sure, as is flour. At least I should try to cut down on those things; even though my doctor check-ups always show that my sugar is fine.

What I should be talking about today, is the operation I had yesterday! Just a little, tiny, cancer spot in my ear–basel cell carcinoma, which you probably know, is a very benign type of skin cancer. Yes, skin cancer in my ear! Apparently, it does happen. Anyway, the cancer part did not make me nervous at all, it was just the idea of having to be put to sleep. So the anesthesia doctor assured me that he was only going to give me a very small amount, because it was a short operation. Surprisingly though, it took me quite awhile to recover from that “small amount”–they let me go a couple of hours later than I thought I’d be out, and I was feeling very groggy and sick still, at home. Back to myself today though.

Yesterday was a day to benefit from my family’s serving! My Dad was here early to drive me there, and drive Rej around shopping afterwards, then wait and wait at the hospital. Sam was an excellent caregiver for finding things I needed around the house, and deciding what to get me for supper (mmmmm, such delicious garlic bread!) That’s my One Word for this year, “service”… didn’t think it would include others serving ME though!

Well, Rej & I did “serve” at The Big Give, last Saturday, a type of garage sale that several churches do, where everything is free for those who need it. Our job was to “mingle”, and help where needed. The hardest part for Rej, was our turn at standing at the road holding up signs. Just standing doing nothing, basically, was a long half hour.

So, have I made up for not posting for awhile? ;)

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