wild projects

Just a couple of thoughts from my morning readings:

  • In Matthew, Jesus talked about those who want to be first, have to be last–a servant. It didn’t seem like he was saying that’s a punishment for wanting to be first. But, a person like me would say, why does anyone want to be first, anyway? One tends to think that desire only comes from self-pride. However, Jesus really doesn’t seem to be suggesting that it’s a bad thing, to want to be first. Perhaps it’s just a characteristic of those who are gifted for leadership. And of course, good leaders learn to be servants, serving while they’re leading.
  • In Exodus, I’m up to the part where God is giving Moses all the detailed instructions for the tabernacle. I can’t help but wonder if those with whom Moses first shares this “wild project”, feel like I do when Rej talks about the plans for our bitcoin business. A bit scared about how this will ever be done. But they know from experience that Moses is mostly right (Rej is sometimes right), so they go along with it. ;)

Speaking of following instructions, be sure to listen to your doctor when he/she says to take Tylenol! I only had extra-strength Advil. The narcotic prescription wasn’t working for the pain, so I ended up over-dosing on Advil. The upset stomach came so suddenly, and felt so terrible, that I’m forever nervous about taking too much of something again, taking it without food, feeling a little “hungry” (or am I sick, like before?) Anyway, I’m on Celebrex now, and even though it took a little while to work (I put up with a night of pain rather than go through that sickness again), it has finally kicked in, YAY! (This is all from that operation I had on my ear.)

It’s a good day!


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