So many pleasures

I should have gone for a walk. I could have been catching up on all my friends, or Pinterest (which I only joined because of not being able to see something in a search I was doing once–yeah, sucked in!) But my final decision was to just lie back on my deck chair, plug in my audio book, and watch the sky.

This is something I haven’t done for ages, since my habit is to listen to my book when I go to bed at night. That isn’t working so well any more, because it usually puts me right to sleep. Or, it feels so good to be able to stay awake for it, that I keep reading into the early hours of the morning. So reading during the day I used to do only during vacation. Memories of those vacations, and watching the sky, made me know it was time to do this.

What a beautiful, changing, fascinating sky it was yesterday evening! From fluffy white clouds to shades of slate grey, to smoky, feathery things, luminescent with the about-to-set sun, and back to fluffy white again. It didn’t matter that my book was only semi-interesting.

The other thing to enjoy from my deck chair these days, is my bird-feeding tree! I posted so much about it on Facebook, I should have just done a post about it here! So this is it. ;)

When I was trying to figure out what this tree was last year, it seemed likely that it was a serviceberry tree, except for one confusing fact: there were no berries on it. The lady at the garden store seemed to think it couldn’t then, be a serviceberry tree. However, I did find on google, that the berries get eaten up very fast by the birds.

This year, I know that’s true! In fact, one doesn’t need a bird feeder at all, with one of these trees; except for the fact that it’s hard to take photos with all those leaves in the way. My chair is not very far from the tree at all (the tree is right at the corner of the deck), and the birds keep coming even while I’m sitting there–lots of robins, swallows, and even a pair of yellow finches, that keep coming back! Sam even had a bird graze his ear, as it flew by the other day.

Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying and falling more in love with all my other trees! In spite of having a yard all of bricks and rock (in which the weeds still grew like crazy and had to be pulled, but seem not to grow back too quickly), there is a little garden out front, on each side of the driveway. My choices for new plants this year: lilac (actually planted last fall, and didn’t bloom this year), forget-me-nots, maidenhair fern (these two from my parents’ place, where they grow wild), wooly thyme and regular thyme, and if I can ever find some white allysum, I’ll plant some of that. I’ve also let some lovely weeds grow this year: purple vetch (controlled to one spot), yellow daisies, yellow snapdragons, and of course milkweed, which is so necessary for the depleting population of monarch butterflies.

Meanwhile, my plants inside are doing well! Most of them were given to me by my Mom, who took cuttings from her own plants: golden/devil’s ivy, a miniature ivy that I love (well, small anyway), prayer plant, regular-size ivy, and the Christmas cactus that I bought is sprouting all kinds of new leaves! Oh, and the Anthium orchid that was given to us from friends who moved here from Toronto several years ago, is sprouting new “blooms” to replace the ones that finished.

Happy Summer!!


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