One Year Ago Today

That was a feeling I’ll never forget: pulling away from 83 Glencoyne Crescent, Toronto, for the last time, one year ago today. I felt like yelling: “AAAAHHHHHHH”, which looks like a huge sigh in my status update last year, but actually it’s meant to be a LOUD sigh! Rej and Sam thought I burst into tears for sadness, but that was not it!

It had been such a huge, huge job, and now it was finally done. The trailer had already been brought to my parents’ place, and behind was a UHaul packed full of all our remaining worldly goods, to be parked at my parents’ place as well, until July 3rd. We were now “homeless”.

Dustie was quiet for the trip, after having a small portion of a gravol tablet shoved down her throat.

This is why I love this memory thing that Facebook does. So many exciting statuses for me to go over, these days, for last year! Including the comments, like: “Welcome home” from my brother; someone else saying that Ottawa was having a big Welcome Party for us on July 1st, lol. And then there was me, as we drove into Ottawa, getting all mixed up and counting my little family as 3,000 people: “Welcome to Ottawa, Population 903,000″, which of course I edited to “900,003”.

That’s HALF the size of the city we left! And our new home feels like twice the size! We went from a city of the Lake, to a city of Rivers and canals…. while we did get to Lake Ontario from time to time, we didn’t visit it as often as we should have (there’s a beautiful cliff-y shore park that we were only at once); it’s hard to escape the beautiful Rideau River and canal here in Ottawa, and of course, if you get away from those, there’s the Ottawa River.

I think I said all that in another place. Happy Canada Day!


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