loving by disagreeing

At the best of times, I’m just not very good at arguing/debating things; but there a couple of issues these days that are by nature personal. Therefore it’s hard not to get emotional in the discussions, and when people get emotional, it’s very difficult to be clear–and to see clearly.

Not only are the issues by nature personal, but by now most of us know someone who we would rather not hurt.

So many people are saying that we should support them, and “let them be happy”. Remember that “letting people be happy” is not always the best thing for them. I guess it all comes down to whether or not you believe that they are hurting themselves, as happy as they are at the moment. My support for them, would be to lovingly, grievingly, disagree with their lifestyle, because I do believe that they are hurting themselves.

It would be easier to just go along with what so many people are saying/doing/accepting. My problem is, because I/God loves: what if someday, the person in the harmful lifestyle has a twinge of thinking maybe they have been wrong? What if they look around and can find no one who believes otherwise? That pinprick of light will soon die.

So, even if I can’t trust myself to get into the argument, I want to just “be there”, as someone who disagrees. My support for people will be silent (they are not ready to hear me anyway, even if I was more articulate), almost secret–but hopefully visible.

“People…. are defenseless against our prayers.”


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