A Year Like No Other Year

So, it’s all over now. Our first full year of living in our new home ended on July 3rd. It was a year so full of excitement and happiness, anticipation and feelings that only come once in a lifetime! Facebook reminds me of everything in its Memories thing, but I’ll NEVER forget them!!

  • Waking up the first morning here, to find that the rising sun comes in our bedroom window. <3
  • Discovering lots of “new” old things as we unpacked, that we hadn’t seen in weeks.
  • Being able to go over every piece of house decoration I owned, and enjoy finding a special spot for each (or, most of them).
  • Getting into the hot tub for the first time, after being on my feet all day!
  • A year ago this very day, I finally “found” My Spot: this very spot where I’m sitting now, in my Lazyboy, where I can either look outside at the beautiful trees in our back yard, or enjoy the summer sun flooding the kitchen!
  • Being able to have my parents drop in for tea! Or meet just for supper!
  • Soooo many firsts throughout the year of course; discovering the names of my trees and plants, exploring the amazing nature trails all around the whole residential area, and the Fall Colours (and all that raking), decorating for Christmas, cross-country skiing for the first time in years, etc. etc.

I could put exclamation marks after every single phrase above, haha. It’s kind of sad to think those feelings will never be again. Rej says we could always move again, HA!

Before it all started, there certainly was some nervousness about whether or not we were doing the right thing–uprooting ourselves after 33 years in one home, especially for Sam, who had never known anything different. I remember hoping and praying for some kind of “sign”, something kind of miraculous that would confirm that we had indeed, made the right decision. It never really came, but perhaps instead of a “miracle”, there are all these “normal-type” things.

One year ago today we also attended The Met for the first time. This was something else that felt “iffy”, only because it is such a huge church, with 10+ pastors, and at least as many more people on staff. We all had positive vibes after that first service, but it has been hard enough getting to know people, in spite of how they work at urging you to get connected in smaller groups. We’re getting there.

Last week I found myself wishing that they could have the children more involved in the service. This is something we’d learned at our former church: that kids have a lot to contribute; and First Alliance, the new church we’d started attending in Toronto, was also very good at it. So I was very happy yesterday when the music team sang a couple of songs especially for the kids, after making them stand up (being the first Sunday that there was no Sunday School, since the teachers take a break for the summer).

Lots of little things add up to Big, I think!


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