The New Macho

Actually, it’s been quite awhile now, that we’ve been allowing our men to be “Mr. Mom”:

  • my Dad knit baby sweaters for all us kids;
  • my brothers always had to have their turn to wash dishes;
  • my son had his Dad in the delivery room (like most dads these days); who also rocked  him to sleep several times;
  • I can recall countless photos of my sister’s husband feeding and burping their babies;
  • several dads these days, leave it to their wives to “bring home the bacon”, and stay home to cook meals and look after the household (though not always by choice);
  • my niece’s husband, even though their newest child is number 6, wanted to take the baby out shopping–all by himself;
  • the oldest boy of that new-baby family, is just glowing with pride in all the photos of him holding her. Just look!

Dylan was hoping for a boy, after all these girls, but he’s definitely not TOO disappointed about his FIVE sisters!! And you can see by this photo how much they love him! (It’s the twins who are hanging on him this time.)


All of the men I’ve just talked about consider themselves quite “macho” (some more than others, haha). And here’s the really neat thing, that just shows you how far we’ve come.

Dylan is a typical 11-year old, who loves mechanics, driving the 3-wheeler, etc. Not only does he comment that he’s missed having a baby in the house (after taking her from his mom when she was fussing, and successfully calming her down), he’s also expressed a willingness to change dirty diapers, AND–the other day he brought over a couple of his friends… He asked them if they wanted to hold his new little sister. They seemed quite at home about it, one of them commenting that she still has that “new-baby” smell.

Eleven-year old boys, calmly talking about new babies! :)


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