weeding, dusting, and church planting

It was such a short moment–flutter in, flutter out–that I almost forgot about it. Seeing my facebook post this morning reminded me to put on my shopping list: buy hummingbird feeder! Those tiny birds provide very short moments of delight, that’s just how they are. This one actually flew into the hot tub where we were, then out to a tree right beside the deck, as if to say: “Where’s my food?”

The last time I bought a hummingbird feeder was kind of embarrassing–why did I think such a thing would work in our back yard in Toronto!? But in Ottawa we DO have them in our back yard!

Something else that’s so neat about Ottawa, is the church we go to. I’m now into reading over the Perspective notes I made two years ago, and in this long post to start it off (some great stuff there), I’ve figured out a major reason why The Met is so successful: they do church planting. To quote directly from the study material, “Nothing else–not crusades, outreach programs, para-church ministries, mega-churches, consulting, nor church renewal processes–will have the consistent impact of dynamic, extensive church planting.” Right now for example, we’re planting a church in Westboro, a suburb of Ottawa.

I participate in all these exciting things through prayer. Otherwise, my “important” jobs can be boiled down to two main things: if it’s nice outside, WEEDING, if not, DUSTING! The main floor has now all been dusted and I’m working my way upstairs; outside, I started weeding at the front, then did the back yard, then the sides, then the very back of the back yard, under the trees. After a few weeks of all this, it’ll soon be FINISHED!! HA!! :D

Never mind, the weeds don’t grow back as much as you’d think. The dust though, sometimes appears the next day where I just dusted. But what I’m really doing there, is going over every inch of my still-new home, spending time enjoying and being thankful for it, and everything in it!

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