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The Good News is that we no longer have to use the Doodie bags on the Potty pail (we rigged up our trailer toilet to the mobile black water tank, since the broken tank seems impossible to replace). If you think that’s a terrible thing for a first sentence, just wait til you hear the Bad News: a MOUSE ran by TWICE, on.the.counter, while I was working there!!!

My screaming was probably the worst part, for the guys, but it’s not that I’m “afraid” of mice. I just don’t like them. Especially on the counter. Especially while I’m fixing meals. Oh, and in between the two mouse-skittlings, there was a tiny, quivery, hairless, tail-less, eye-less thing there, right by the sink, that I had to pick up with a paper towell and take out to the woods.

What upsets me, is that I can’t figure out where they were coming from, and where they were disappearing to! A search of the cupboards turned up barely a scrap of mouse dirt, and no other evidence at all. We did have a bad infestation of them in the Spring, so we’re thinking maybe it was just some left-over from that. Hopefully. One turned up outside the trailer by Rej’s feet (thankfully he lifted the wrong foot to squish it–eewwww!), so hopefully they’re all gone the way of that one–off into the woods.

The other news is both good and bad: the engineer from Hydro Quebec is doing what he can to get going on the job of getting us power (so that our business can get up and running), but it could take a couple of weeks to get the required paper work done first. At least we caught the city council right before their once-a-month meeting! And once the guy gets going on the work, it’s supposed to go pretty quickly. Also, thankfully, all the paperwork can be done by email.

Meanwhile back in Ottawa… Hey, I’m finally getting to know people, who aren’t family! I walked into the Wool-Tyme shop yesterday, to the sound of someone greeting me by name: our pastor’s wife works there!

OH, and she was talking about getting me working with 2-year-olds in September, at the Wednesday morning kids. Yes, they actually have curriculum for 2-year-olds! As I was thinking about it afterwards though, can you believe that in all the years I’ve worked with kids, I’ve never actually “taught” 2-year-olds!?


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