the Way to Live Forever

This just doesn’t feel right anymore, posting for two days in a row! But I have to make some notes from this morning.

In three or four different places, I read about being baptized. “Believe and be baptized”, and you’re good to go (to heaven). Even Jesus tells us to preach the Gospel and baptize people, in his last words before ascending. Earlier he’d said that all you need to do if you want to live forever, is to believe: just believe in Jesus. That’s all!

The thing about baptism, is that it proves you’re serious about believing. Baptism means “obedience”. In fact, the song that was playing as I went forward to be baptized (when I was 11/12 years old), was “Trust and Obey”.

That’s why our church places such high importance on it. It also strengthens your commitment in your own heart. And there’s a lot more meaning to it as well–the symbolism of “going under” with Jesus and dying to self, and coming up or being “resurrected” to a new life, etc..

I forget now exactly how this segued in my mind this morning, but I also thought of my Word for this year, “service”. Compassion was talking about how they serve the child, and another devotional was asking me what I’m “called to do”. Our church has a theme to focus on each month, and this month it’s Abounding in the work of the Lord. What a wonderful thing to know that (according to the Bible itself!) God has actually prepared things for us to do!

The thing is, your service needs to start with obedience. Yes, you do what’s in front of you to do, but at the same time, be listening for that still, small voice, telling you that this time you need to take a break; or maybe that something else would be a better thing, as much as that one was a good thing. Maybe that one is meant for someone else, or for another time.

I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to my One Word this year, but I think it’s still a good thing to do. I’m already looking forward to seeing what next year’s Word is going to be!


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