God is crazy about me

Once, I said that if the only thing in the world was lilacs, I could easily believe in God. Well, I could say the same for “a few” other things (in fact, my new lilac didn’t bloom this year–maybe next year).

August for example, is the Month of the Goldenrod. When we go on our walks around the trails here, I get to see masses of them in the fields. “There’s gold in them thar fields!” Sometimes they’re sprinkled with the whimsical Queen Ann’s Lace. Oh my! That’s another thing that grows profusely along the trails.

I could snap photo after photo: the Lace sprinkled with Blue Chicory, or with some pink Cone Flower that has escaped from somewhere and is growing wild, or with tall yellow daisies, or… Both Goldenrod and Queen Ann’s Lace are quite nondescript if you look at one single stalk, but growing in masses like they do, it takes your breath away!

Oh, and one spot along the trails has a little canyon that is chalk-full of Joe Pye Weed, who’s dusty pink, cloud-like flower is not especially beautiful, but they have a lovely fragrance.

Speaking of fragrance, July could be called, for me, the Month of the Stargazer Lily. I have three stalks in my garden, and they each get picked and put in vases on my mantel. The huge pink blooms have a spectacular type of beauty, but that is not the best thing about these:

  • The smell! Ahhhhhh!!! You don’t have to go near them at all to delight the ol’ factory, but I do anyway–and my arms just float up as if I’m about to fly away!
  • You can pick them before all the blooms have opened, and the buds will keep opening.
  • They have tons of blooms!
  • They last for weeks and weeks, even after picking. Although many petals have dropped, I still have one going!

I’m not a lily person (always letting my Mom and sister grow them for my enjoyment), but these were here when we moved in. My preference is for the tiny flowers, especially ones that are easy to grow. But this Stargazer Lily makes me feel like God has presented me with… well… The Crown Jewels! :)

After all, God is crazy about me–he sends me flowers all the time, gorgeous sunsets, beautiful sunny days… even rainy ones to water things!


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