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After yesterday’s post, I began to think about other kinds of beauty. Yes, nature is quite incredible, and don’t forget that nature includes things like newborn babies. We’ve had some of that beauty recently in our family.

In fact, it’s time to get back to work on the huge pile of beautiful photos I’ve been collecting lately–of babies, and of three weddings! Now there, is some man-made beauty: all those lovely dresses and suits, the beauty of the wedding ceremony…. You can still call it God-made though: what amazing creativity he has inspired in people!

I think of the photographer, arranging the Lords and Ladies along the rocky shore, or in an old barn, or the contrast of the wedding couple on the porch of an old pealing-paint farmhouse. Or the Brides’ choices and matching of colours; for example, one long line of bridesmaids all in pinks and mauves–never mind making each one the same colour as the next! Or the creative minds that took unofficial photos of the groomsmen all wearing dark glasses and holding pistols, just for fun. Or this new thing lately, called a “sand ceremony”, which was especially meaningful for the older couple who were just married, who had each of their children (she had three and he had two) add a different colour of sand into the photo frame of themselves.

God loves “man-made” beauty as well, we can guess that from the elaborate instructions for Moses’ tabernacle. And don’t forget musical beauty, that was also included in worship from earliest times. He has made man like himself after all, our Creator God. And these talents that he gives each one, are gifts that he enjoys seeing us use! (Don’t you enjoy seeing people take delight in the gifts you give them?)

Oh, and one more beauty, God-made but man-kept/enhanced: those gorgeous guys and gals! As well as: the love that inspired the weddings in the first place, the joy of the whole family, their joy in each other… can you think of more?


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