We’re always having to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t base important things we do on feelings. They are so fleeting, so changeable, and often they tell downright lies. However, that is not to say that feelings aren’t important! It is the way God made us after all, to have feelings about things. It’s impossible I think, to totally keep them from influencing what we do.

In fact, we were reminded in a sermon recently, that we need feelings. If you have trouble with faith, or if you don’t have a desire to throw yourself into whatever God wants of you, it could be because you haven’t “experienced” God’s love–meaning, it has spread down from your mind to your heart. Feeling.

In fact, it’s the best thing I can pray for you about! No matter what you’re going through: I can’t always be sure that God wants to heal you of physical ailment or take you out of a terrible situation (not that he enjoys seeing people suffer, but only HE knows what is best), but I CAN pray that you can sense his love in the midst of it all.

I’ve had that happen to me–the miracle of feeling God’s love in the midst of trials. And when my baby was born (those many years ago), I asked myself what was the most important thing I wanted for him, above everything else. It was for him to know in his heart, that God loves him. That’s why I’d sing to him, “Jesus loves you“.

Nothing else matters, in the long run, because this is where everything else begins. God is the only one who can love perfectly, and coming to full realization of what he has done for us through Jesus, of how much he desires us to come close, well, that changes everything.


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