Everyone In!

This isn’t to brag about my church, but just to say “Isn’t it neat that a church can be so well-equipped?”

Of course everything this mega-church does is huge, including their Wednesday morning ladies’ groups, when I’m involved with helping in the childcare program. They actually have separate rooms for each of babies, 1-yr. olds, 2-yr. olds, 3-yr. olds, and 4/5-yr. olds, as well as a separate section for home-schooled kids! This year I’m the story-teller for the 2-year olds, and we have TWENTY of them!! The first week is extra wild of course (one or other 2-yr. old screaming and crying for mommy over the whole 2 hours), but here are the reasons why this was not as crazy as it could have been:

  • We had 3 large connected rooms with doors–
      • the entrance room had a half-gate, so that parents could drop off their child without coming in, and causing confusion with several parents wandering around with all the kids;
      • one room had the snack tables, sinks, bathroom and the story board;
      • the other back playroom was useful for carrying screaming children into, for several reasons: so the moms could escape while we tried to distract them; so the story-time would not be disrupted; and then they all went there with the door closed while moms were arriving back to pick them up–the child whose mom had arrived would be quietly taken out, so that the others would not start screaming again wondering where their own moms were.
  • Quota–the system for signing in the children involved making absolutely sure that we met “quota”, meaning that there were enough workers per child. We had 7 or 8 helpers (men, ladies, teenagers both male and female), and each one was needed!
  • Everyone has their job: someone else told the story the first week while I got the “feel” for the group, but that’s all I’ll be responsible for really, besides a “craft”/colouring page. And of course I’ll help where I’m needed beyond that. But thankfully I don’t have to worry about signing kids in, or even when to do what. The Team Leader directs everything, and we all listen for her cues. And everyone willingly chipped in to clean up afterwards.

One could have wondered over the course of the morning if one was “cut out for this”, but in the end, when you see how well things are organized… It’s a privilege to be involved!


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