Blogging is more than blabbing and bragging.

This is something that has become more true recently, for me.

As much as I try to deny it, there has always been that feeling of wanting to show off, or wanting everyone to know what I have to say about things. Who doesn’t love to post photos on Facebook (e.g. “look what I made!”) But as it has been previously noted, I think I’ve said it all now–I’m done! :D Posting short articles every day was a good thing for awhile, but now I think that people take more notice because I post so seldom.

However, just because I’m not writing new articles, doesn’t mean I’m not using my blog–far from it! Believe it or not, for awhile I had FOUR different tabs open in my browser that were all different spots on this blog. Now I’ve cleaned things up so that they can be found easier, using Pages and Categories. And I’m going through to tag things a little better.

Because now that I’m not writing as much, the time can be spent reading things over–all those sermon notes, for example (I’ll have to tag my faves). Special, seasonal things are nice to read over (like poetry, and other quotes). These days I’m busy setting up some scripture prayer, using the private setting vs “publish”.

OH, and my latest new Page is for recording my Fitness journey! (You can see my Pages listed across the top, if you’re on my site. They are always available there, and sometimes get updated… like the Fitness one obviously. But they don’t go to Facebook, or in the emails…. as far as I know!)

And of course, reading my own stuff over, starting waaaay back in 2006, can also be humbling… or would that be, humiliating? ;) Lots of great memories though!


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