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We’ve known for at least a year, if not more, that this time was coming. So when the latest update for my computer was finished, and the dreaded message came that meant I could no longer open Photoshop, I couldn’t complain, because They’d told me long ago that this would happen. Too expensive to buy another Photoshop like that one, so I’d have to find another program.

My experience with learning new programs (for whatever) in the past hasn’t been the best. There is always several things that you can no longer do in the new program, etc. Several things that are not as good as they were, many new things that seem to take ages to learn. And jumping over huge hurdles to make former things fit. But to start, trying to figure out which program would be the best! My son always does the research for stuff (that’s his “household chore”), but how could I expect him to really know which photo program is the best?

However, since it just seemed too complicated to look over photo programs myself, I decided just to trust what he’d found–this is what most of the journalists were using. Surprise!! It works great!!! Pixelmator, in fact, looks uncannily like a child of Photoshop! It makes you wonder if they are secretly owned by the same people! Of course, I’m sure that much of what I learned over the years in Photoshop, stood me in good stead for any photo program.

I’m still exploring it, and there are definitely a couple of things that are not quite as good as Photoshop. But I’m so amazed that many things are actually better! Yay!

Now, add to that the fact that I finally got my Fall decorating done yesterday; and that today I went off the chart “excellent” with my fitness test (see my Fitness Notes page if you like), and I’m feeling pretty good! :)

One more thing (since I don’t post very often… at least, that’s my excuse): we had an excellent guest speaker at church yesterday, who happened to be the former pastor-before-the-latest one, who was pastor there for 12 years or something (Rick Reed). He was talking about how God’s love changes us, which is exactly what Pastor Tim said recently, when he highlighted the value of “experiencing” God’s love. For me, it’s just another reminder that WORSHIP is so important.

When you worship and experience that love, it inspires–not a strong enough word… it fills you with a strong desire... to be the person He wants you to be. The other two things that yesterday’s speaker mentioned that serve to “draw” you with strong cords (my words), are: knowing your identity (a child of God), and your destiny (a forever life with God).

“What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it–we’re called children of God! That’s who we really are.” (1 John 3:1)


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