My mind is always boggled by politics. The candidates always sound great, each with their own side of the argument. And you just never know who to believe! That’s why I generally look to my various intelligent friends, and try to go by what they say.

Not that there isn’t some very intelligent thinking that goes on in my own house. For example, Sam reminded me that we as humans, have proven to be very poor judges of character. Like me… I wanted to vote for our area Liberal guy because he “looks” so honest. But I don’t have a good feeling about Trudeau.

So instead, we should vote for the platform (Conservative, Liberal, NDP). My tendency here, is to stick with what looks like the most traditional values. Sam knew right away what issues in particular I might be thinking about, and managed to give me another very reasonable argument.

He was your typical Radical-type College kid, and I know there are still some of those ideas that seem quite wild to me. But lately I’m thinking: he’s way past that stage, I need to give him way more credit. If I can say that I trust God to lead me who to… well, who to think “looks” like the one I should vote for (*embarrassed grin*), why shouldn’t I trust that God has placed me in this family, and is able to lead the intelligent minds I live with? After all, they are also Upstanding Christians.

So yeah, maybe I’ll vote differently this year…


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