finishing up Fall

Quick, quick! One more Fall poem before the Christmas things start up! (Would you believe, I’m to begin the Christmas Story for the 3-year olds next Wednesday?! And yes, I’ve switched to the 3-year olds, for my Wednesday morning volunteering.)

Well, after all, I do see a few snowflakes on the rooftops this morning. Just a very few! AND–Santa Claus Parade tomorrow!!

Among the Rocks, by Robert Browning, 1864

Oh, good gigantic smile o’ the brown old earth,
This autumn morning! How he sets his bones
To bask i’ the sun, and thrusts out knees and feet
For the ripple to run over in its mirth;
Listening the while, where on the heap of stones
The white breast of the sea-lark twitters sweet.

That is the doctrine, simple, ancient, true;
Such is life’s trial, as old earth smiles and knows.
If you loved only what were worth your love,
Love were clear gain, and wholly well for you:
Make the low nature better by your throes!
Give earth yourself, go up for gain above!

Now to get all the Fall tasks done, like washing the wood floors, bringing in the long winter matt, and raking up the leaves. Even though our front yard maple tree had all its leaves blown away (SO thankful!) there are a lot of backyard trees. I try not to be too fussy about them, but not sure what would happen if we left them there on the brick, and rocks. The Oak tree is finally empty of leaves, now for the Smoke!


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