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Just a quick post, to note a couple of things from the sermon yesterday. The theme was “Joy”, and the pastor talked about joy mixed with tears, and how one day there will be “no more tears”–how fitting the weekend that we lost our beloved cat!

But I also had a thought when he talked about the “new heaven and new earth”: when we moved here, it was kind of like a “new heaven and earth”! BUT, it was/is also “Home” because of all the family nearby. It can seem strange to think of that Day of the Lord, when everything is new, but we will also be “Home at last”, next to the heart of God.


Oh, and I appreciated the reminder that true joy is not tied to temporal things, as so easily happens. (Like the joy of food, new purchases, etc.!) That’s why true joy is so lasting!

While I’m making notes (this so disjointed, but anyway), I loved a devotional this morning that described how much Jesus had to receive, before he could give–all the looking after of a baby, etc. Then he gave his life; and we have to receive that, before we can give…

Because otherwise your giving will not have as much weight, may all be for naught, will end up in ruins (and may ruin you), etc.


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