He has done it

My heart is full of awe, of the beauty God has created in different kinds of people. I used to feel this way in Toronto, whenever we’d get together with our sweet Chinese friends. Last night, it was an African family, that I feel so privileged to have in our small group, here in Ottawa.

There are only 3 of us families so far, and being a brand new group this fall, we’re still getting to know each other. That can take awhile, but it grows by leaps and bounds when you get together for a social activity, and bring the kids. When you share some joy at a Christmas dinner party!

This father led his “choir” (his wife and 3 grown kids), in a praise song in their own language. He wanted to teach it to us, but we just enjoyed listening to them. The repeating frame was “He has done it”, with verse after verse saying what it is that God has done for us. Rej was wishing for African drums, but otherwise their voices and the musical, rhythmic language was enough! I forget the tune already, but the beat is still going on inside me. As well as the picture of this father bouncing away in my Family Room, so obviously full of worship and joy!

Sometimes I worry about people in church being bothered by my bouncy ways during praise time. And knowing that our two families sit way behind us (though we rarely get to talk to each other on Sundays, in our mega-church), I wonder what they think of me. Not so worried about that now that I’ve seen them letting loose… one family in this African song; and in the other family the mom was playfully kiss-kiss-kissing her teenage daughter. :)


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