One Word Time

Wow. Just going over my One Word for 2015, and I haven’t posted anything about it since August! Of course, this year August seems like just a few days ago.

The word for this year has been “service”. And yes, I did get in to serving at church again, even going from just being a helper, to being a teacher (first for the 2-year-olds, and now the 3-year-olds). Also, we’ve been privileged to start a Community Group in our home.

The interesting thing I’ve noticed while reading over this tag though: to think kind of opposite to the word is just as important, and sometimes even more applicable; and that was the same thing I came across for LAST year’s word!

To be specific:

  • In 2014 my word was plan. Me being an organizer by nature, I needed to experience NOT having everything go according to the “usual plan”.
  • In 2015 for the word service, I experienced others serving me; and also kept in my mind that one has to know when to rest vs serve (or perhaps, allow others to serve).

At this point, I have no idea what my One Word for 2016 will be. Even though I didn’t think about it a whole lot last year, I believe it’s still a fun and interesting thing to do. More fun than making a New Year’s Resolution!

It would at least keep me blogging a little; which is something I do miss, sometimes. Other times, as I read over my thousands of posts, my thought is that I certainly can “talk too much”!


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