Across a lifetime, there have to be a few Christmases that aren’t… well, as “exciting” as most?

The “pile” under the tree is extremely small… but it’s a good Christmas as far as gifts go for *me* already, though I have yet to see what the guys got me (a new computer probably). I’m anticipating the gifts I got myself. ;) A couple of other weird things:

  • no cat
  • no snow (plus 16 yesterday!)
  • no defining moment at the Christmas Eve service, that Christmas had “arrived” (though I did have some emotional moments at the service last Sunday)
  • no Christmas movie-watching this year (went for a walk instead)
  • no big Christmas Dinner (though Randy is coming, it’ll be good)
  • (no MJ)
  • no Advent blogging theme! Haven’t been blogging very much lately at all… maybe I’ll be actually going back to private journaling, sometimes…

I’m going to update that Advent Schedule chart I have, and take out a LOT of things. Like reading certain things, listening to certain music, etc. Most of that I don’t feel the need to do any more (like reading over past Christmas letters from others… not that I won’t keep them, just in case!) And even the music… after so many years, you begin to feel that even your favourites you only need to hear once or twice. Besides, Sam and Rej are willing to let me play them more often. It’ll be a fun reorganizing job–smushing some playlists together, and deleting some songs that I know I’ll hear on their playlists.

Well, in spite of all that, Sam has risen out of bed full of cheerfulness–even though he knows there’s not much under the tree for him, since his present isn’t coming until January 18th! (a new lazyboy)

Sam and Randy went to the TSO concert the other day, and said it would have been well worth the drive from Kingston, for Penny. Apparently it was a story, and Sam seemed very touched by the part where the girl received healing from Jesus for broken dreams. A good truth for both he and Randy!

New Christmas traditions: guys making ham-potatoe-eggs breakfast; Rum Balls for dessert Christmas Dinner; playing Frustration with each other New Years Eve… hey, maybe the odd family member would be interested in joining us? We did promise Randy we might play Mexican Train… but not sure if he’ll be over here very early. Maybe after dinner.


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