As we get close to changing the year, I can’t help thinking about all the things that have changed. This is a season of traditions, and families is one venue where you can really notice how things evolve, as children grow up and have kids of their own. It’s a good thing, as much as you may miss the “former times”.

So many things change, but so many stay the same for years and years before they do! Note how we lived in one home for 33 years before we moved–that was a difficult-but-good thing. And how we had the same pet for 17 years before she died; a hard thing, but we won’t be putting up with a cat-free home for long!

I remember thinking when we moved, that we need practise for that kind of change, because things can hit you rather suddenly. Forced changes. Jobs change, health changes.

Segue to dreams, and investing in them with your talent, much effort, money and time. How often do those sand castles get swept away with the tide! Our pastor shared a story on Sunday (Max) about the little boy enjoying building his sand castle, and then watching it get destroyed with the waves. He was smiling, because he knew all along that that was going to happen. That’s called keeping your perspective, and that’s what we need to do while we’re working on our own dreams. In our family, we’ve actually had a fair bit of practise with that! The thing is, not to tie your identity in with temporal things, but remember that there is a Forever Home…


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