Even though the One-Word-for-the-year idea hasn’t been that magical for me or anything (not like some people), I still really like the idea. For me, it’s generally been a word that just sort of sums up something about me that’s already true. Not on purpose.

This new year/word was looking like more of the same. In the running, was “light”, which would have been more a summary of last year, while we waited “for the light to come on” from Hydro Quebec, at our business site. And I already blogged about asking God for wisdom, one of the many ways of thinking about “light”.

“Come” was another word, which is the title of the painting my BFF did for me, and the context around that word is extensively explained in the post about that painting. Again, this was something I’ve already experienced–inviting people to my new home, etc.

The other word I really liked, was “called”. This word fills me with anticipation as I remember that God has an ultimate purpose that he is working out in the world, and that I get to play a part in it. And it all has to do with him calling people out of darkness, calling us to himself, etc. But this could have been my word for 2013 (the year before I started doing One Word), because it was the Perspectives missions course that we finished that year, that really made me think more and more about being called, having a mission.

You can see how all these words are connected: God says “come”, inviting us into “light”, and “calling” us to invite others. Something I’ve been thinking though, is that most of these “One Word” things are so general, and could be made to mean almost anything. What might be better, is to find a word that is more specific.

Meanwhile, Pinterest has attracted me to wanting to do a wall plaque with burlap. And while I was indecisive about my One Word, there has been a phrase in my mind that seems perfect for that small plaque: “God is working.” God. is. working. No matter what it may seem like, no matter how small a section of the picture we can see at this moment. After church today was going to be my deadline for deciding on a Word for 2016, and I began to wonder if maybe this year it should be a phrase.

God is working. Again, this is something I already know, and that I learned before (and often!); but one does still need to be reminded. And I love remembering it! God is working in unreached peoples, in those hearts you’ve been praying for, through those troubles people are having… working out his plan, working to open hearts, to show his love, to guide his children…

It was a great sermon by a guest speaker this morning, reminding us that God’s will always involves who he is, and who he is at the centre of himself is love. Somewhere in there, the guy mentioned the terminology about “writing our story”. Even a little facebook share popped into my mind, something to say when plans go awry: “Plot twist!” It’s also the story of God working throughout history, and in the present day, that we learned at Perspectives and that has excited me so much. (Our church is hosting Perspectives this month!)

Finally it came to me! My One Word for 2016 shall be: “thread”. :)

When you’re reading a good fiction story, the experience is so much better when you can pick out a thread, running throughout, from beginning to end. It’s like the old illustration of the intricately woven tapestry, that looks so confusing and messy when you look at all the mixed up threads underneath, but when you look at the right side, you see how a beautiful picture has been made, with each of those different threads. Every twist and turn has a purpose, and is important to the finished work. They are all connected to each other in some way.

Thread. A little weird. But specific, at least a little. I have some thin, glittery metallic thread to add to that wall plaque. How it will work out for 2016? Yeah, again it seems like something that should just apply for more than a year. But, you never know!


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