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My One Word is supposed to take the place of New Year’s Resolutions, but it doesn’t really work that way for me. It’s almost like more of a game, for me.

However, every new year, and every new season, there are always things that I resolve without really trying–almost like a habit. They usually have to do with being fit, or rearranging the routine, or trying something new.

This year for example, I’ll be doing a triathlon relay in May, to celebrate my Dad’s 80th year (and his 9th year of doing triathlons). That’s something I’ve never done before. I’ll be doing the swim, and even though I rarely get out swimming, I have no fear about it. Because I’ve always been able to float or tread water very easily.

Something else I’ll be doing soon that I’ve never done before, is something I NEVER thought I’d do: grade adults’ homework! And the best part? It’s for Perspectives, that missions course I’m always raving about!! Even though anything a person does can be just as valuable (cooking, cleaning, playing), this to me, is gold! I just feel so, so privileged to be asked to do this! (Not for the University “credit” students though.) Of course, it may turn out to be very difficult, since I’m such a slow reader. We’ll see!

Another thing I’ve been resolving lately, ever since my post about how God SO loves to give wisdom, is to ask him more often. I’ve had so many answers to this kind of prayer in the past, and continue to.

Every new year it seems, I feel the need to think over my use of recreational time, since there are so many fun things to do: puzzles, crochet, fix and organize photos, and a new one added–colouring. Puzzles and colouring are easy, since I just do them while we’re watching TV. The great thing about crochet, is that it’s a fun thing that’s so useful: tea cosies work so well to keep the tea hot, which you must have if you’re entertaining at all; I’m always losing my winter headbands; there’s even a pattern for crocheted socks, which store-bought ones are always getting holes on my feet! Oh, and a crocheted gift can be such a nice thing…

I worked on this all that time we were waiting for things to happen on our business site, for my mom for Christmas. She loved it!

The photos now, I’ve always had a bit of trouble thinking about that activity. It takes up such a lot of time, and how useful is it really? Sure, my family loves them, and I do enjoy them too. Well, now I’ve finally found some justification for all that time spent on this activity, in this article I read recently, “The Benefits of Nostalgia”. Studies have now been done, that show how nostalgia can help people out of depression, and even boost memories. “…a growing body of psychological research confirms, waxing nostalgic from time to time doesn’t trap us in the past—it is healthy for our body, mind and spirit in the present.” It’s also a grounding that is valuable in this fast-paced, rat race world.

So there you go!


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