“Setting Out for the Desert”

Well, just when I said I was “shutting up”, there are some sermon notes that just need to be made!

We’re starting a new sermon series entitled “Desert Transformation”, which promises to be a good one. (Although it reminds me of the Pilgrim series our Interim Pastor in Toronto started with.) The first sermon was about “Setting Out for the Desert”.

God calls us on a redemptive journey just like the Israelites, and he will reveal himself to us on that journey (it was in the desert that the Israelites received the Law, the tabernacle that was “filled with his glory” when it was obediently completed, and they were guided by a cloud in the day, and a pillar of fire at night); and God moves us toward our own “Promise Land” on the journey as we trust and follow/obey.

A couple of points that were interesting to me:

  • all that time that they were wandering around in the desert, 40 years, the Promise Land was nearby–so close;
  • sometimes we are called to “come down off the mountain” (Deuteronomy 1:6-8), or leave the place that is comfortable and well-known. God calls us into the desert for our good; in fact, for claiming the promises he has given us! (The Israelites were to claim the land that God has “set before them”.) Moses was in the desert for 40 years BEFORE he was even called to go to Egypt (remember the voice in the burning bush). That would have been very good training for the next 40 years! As well as the first 40 years of his life in Egypt.


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