Rather than let my One Word “sit” and expect it to “percolate” or something, I’ve decided that I actually have to DO something with it. So after some thinking over, what I’m going to do is post either a sentence or a photo about it/using it. (That’s Facebook, so if you want to find me there, look for crazycathie.) The hashtag will be #thread and #myoneword.

Every day would be waaaay too much, so once a week should do it! However, since I’m so late getting started, a few times this week should make up for lost time.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, cat updates: we lost Dustie on December 10th, and after 18 days could not stand it any longer without a cat!

She already knew her name when we got her, so we just had to get used to it. But we LOVE our orange tabby! She’s so different from Dustie. She’s very outgoing, nudging everyone in our small group for attention, and curling up beside them during prayer time. And she loves to jump, even the afternoon after her spaying, preferring to take FOUR stairs at a time! When she feels like playing, it’s so cute to see how she bounces, and I mean bounce–on all fours, straight up about 8 inches off the ground. She’s a real “toughy”, shoving hard with her head when she wants petting–and it better be good, strong petting.

Dustie was so fussy and really fought about anything that was in any way different or out of the ordinary, but we’ve already started training this one to be on a harness. Of course, we put a collar on her as soon as she got here, and with all the new distractions she barely noticed. So now we can hear wherever she is, with that little bell jingling.

She’s such beautiful colours, and blends well with the furniture. :) I like to call her “Butterscotch”.


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