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Something I’ve discovered about living in a home with stone floors: they are hard on your feet! So now I’m in the process of  finding some good, thick, foam slippers to wear.

But yeah, hi! I’m actually posting, wow! Reading over 10 years worth of blogging certainly shuts one up. It’s made me feel like “that” person was totally different than the one inside me nowthat one talked waaaay too much! Sam said I should totally STOP reading them all over again, but I just want to go through and tag them a little better, so that it’s easier to pick and choose which ones to read again. (And someday, I’m going to make a post with links for all the Case for Christ notes, to fix the fact that they show up in reverse order.) Now that I’m up to mid-2011, it doesn’t seem quite as bad. Perhaps I improved?

Anyway, all that note-taking on sermons and Bible studies has perhaps finally graduated me: do you know, I’m now a “teacher” in three different areas?

  • The Wednesday morning 3-year olds, though one is constantly wondering (and sometimes being pleasantly surprised) if they’re actually getting any of it.
  • We host our small group, and I lead the Bible Study part–actually, we teach each other.
  • I’m a Marker for the Perspectives course! (So that’s only “kind of” teaching.)

In case you’ve forgotten, Perspectives is that missions course that we took way back in 2012, and there’s also a tag for it over there to the right. We’ve never stopped talking about it, and to actually be a marker–I’m still amazed that I’m doing this!! I’m “teaching” missionaries!!! This is one of those things that I never thought I’d be qualified for, and that just seems so valuable, it’s quite a wonderful privilege, to me.

Mind you, the other two things are also teaching missionaries, and missionaries-to-be! And both are also very valuable.

So there you go, I finally made another post. “See you next month!” Maybe. ;)

(Funny, 5 years ago I also complained about talking too much, etc.)


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