Case for Christ posts in order

Having checked all over my settings and not finding a way to make posts show up in the order they were posted, when you click on a tag (or category, for that matter), I’m putting links in this post, in the right order, for all the posts/notes I made on The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel. (But as I said often enough–it’s great reading, if you can get hold of the book yourself!) It should be easy enough to skip over the other stuff that is sometimes in these other posts. A lot of the titles have nothing to do with the Case for Christ content in them, lol.

Settle in, there are 95 of them!!! (Too bad I didn’t/couldn’t make a Page for it, way back then!)

  1. segue
  2. you, the juror
  3. appetite for bananas?
  4. the whole truth
  5. that’s my story
  6. what’s YOUR agenda?
  7. we saw it happen!
  8. EH!!!
  9. you said what?
  10. are you able to do what you intend?
  11. truth takes the tests
  12. portion problems?
  13. I’d prefer not to tell
  14. I was here
  15. combobulate
  16. copies of copies of copies
  17. Impressive Numbers
  18. all i’s dotted
  19. the most traveled roads
  20. intrigue!
  21. mythical
  22. little things are important
  23. history lessons
  24. take a deep breath
  25. interpolations
  26. jello, popsicles,
  27. exciting times
  28. stubborn?
  29. The Day the Earth Went Dark
  30. Wow, and wow
  31. Faith and Hope
  32. checking it out
  33. since Easter is near
  34. so many stories
  35. mixed
  36. evidence, evidence, evidence
  37. For fun
  38. theological agenda?
  39. just because
  40. fluffiness
  41. yay for may!
  42. based on symbol, or
  43. can faith and history
  44. who do you think you are?
  45. just breezing by
  46. are You mad?
  47. Stir it up!
  48. When the Doctor needs help
  49. fun and madness
  50. transcendent, unprecedented
  51. Jesus the Hypnotist
  52. mistaken for a demon?
  53. Preposterous!
  54. the questions continue
  55. Today is a singing day!
  56. blow away the chaff
  57. Christology
  58. Can you enjoy a mystery
  59. a lesser god
  60. Hell!
  61. Who’s got the POWER
  62. paint-a-picture
  63. time keeps on slipping
  64. You can know
  65. Are you for real?
  66. Look into it for yourself.
  67. Coincidence? Fabrication?
  68. Intentional Fulfillment?
  69. Don’t accept my word for it!
  70. The Month of Hearts
  71. Rated X
  72. Are you suffering?
  73. slow death
  74. taxes and
  75. pathetic!
  76. from How to Why
  77. Hope!
  78. happy spring
  79. details, details
  80. Embarrassing
  82. See if this gets you
  83. Waiting, waiting
  84. Don’t leave your Mind behind
  85. God has
  86. Nothing is ever perfect
  87. grasping at straws
  88. distracted
  89. testimony
  90. Circumstantially
  91. Ten thousand
  92. Celebrating grotesque
  93. The explanation is the hard part
  94. Now what?
  95. We ourselves


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